Hungarian Central Statistical Office Report 2012. (Part 1)

Demographic snapshot (Hungary)

  • The population of the country has been continuously declining for more than three decades. The number of live births was year by year less than that of deaths, and the consequent population decline was partly compensated by the positive balance of international migration.
Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament

  • As a result of the lastingly decreasing number of births since 1976, as well as the continuous growth in the number of deaths since 1963, the balance of the two has been negative since 1981. The number of live births first dropped below 100 thousand in 1998, and it has not reached that figure ever since. The 2011 figure is considered as historical minimum, and the 90,300 live births in 2012 showed already an improvement. The mortality reached its local maximum with more than 150 thousand deaths in 1993, and it first dropped below 130 thousand in 2011. In 2012 the increase was 0.5%. Throughout the year, the increase in the number of births exceeded the growth of the number of deaths, thus restraining the rate of natural population decrease.
  • The decreasing number of those living in long-lasting cohabitation and the instability of existing marriages unfavourably affect the number of births and deaths.
  • In line with the population decrease, the aging of the population has continued. Due to fertility being steadily below the replacement level and increasing life expectancy, the child and youth population is continuously decreasing, while the elder population is increasing. It is impossible to avoid the further population decrease due to the present age structure and the continual aging of the population, but it may decelerate in case of improving fertility and mortality conditions.
Budapest 2014 - Hungary

Budapest 2014 – Hungary report -HUNGARIAN CENTRAL STATISTICAL OFFICE REPORT 2012. (PART 1)

Hungarian news:


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